75% growth at Starborne Frontiers in two weeks

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75% growth at Starborne Frontiers in two weeks


The Starborne Frontiers Discord channel now hosts 1,375 players, marking a 75% surge in membership within two weeks of the game's release on April 2nd. Discord serves as a digital gathering space where enthusiasts of specific interests, particularly video games, converge to discuss and engage collectively.

The Starborne: Frontiers community is characterized by its lively and engaging atmosphere, where players connect socially and collaboratively solve game puzzles. Recently, the daily messages in the channel have soared past 1,000, a significant rise from the 50-100 messages typical at the year's start. This uptick is not only in message frequency but also in the number of active participants, with a notable influx of newcomers to Discord, primarily from mobile gaming backgrounds.

Solid Clouds, the company behind Starborne Frontiers, has effectively welcomed these new members, enriching the community's diversity and enhancing the overall experience. Many players, formerly engaged with the popular Raid of Shadow Legends, have transitioned to Starborne Frontiers, citing a superior community experience. This inclusivity has fostered a robust community that is crucial for the ongoing success of the game.

Employees from Solid Clouds actively participate in the Discord channel, facilitating direct interactions with players. This engagement is pivotal for aligning game development with player needs and expectations. Furthermore, the channel plays a critical role in maximizing participation in special in-game events, adding to the game's appeal.

The Starborne Frontiers Discord community not only enhances player retention but also serves as a platform for direct communication between the staff and players, where the latest game updates are often shared first. We cherish this growing community and are excited about the future connections and friendships to be made globally