Solid Clouds Releases Major Update for Starborne: Frontiers

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Solid Clouds Releases Major Update for Starborne: Frontiers


The update, known as the Vault update, was released on June 21st for both iOS and Android platforms, marking the largest update since the game's launch in February 2023. Packed with new and content-rich features, this update has been highly anticipated by the gaming community.

One notable addition is the inclusion of new Side Missions with unique loot, providing players with fresh challenges and rewards within the Normal level Campaign difficulty. Furthermore, based on valuable community feedback, the PvP Arena experience has been improved, making it easier for players to progress through rank brackets and gain ratings. The update also introduces a history of Arena battles. To assist players, particularly newcomers, Solid Clouds has introduced the Unit Formation feature and Unit Rating system. These enhancements allow players to explore successful formations utilized by others and identify the best-rated unit features based on peer feedback.

However, the most thrilling change lies in the introduction of the reworked Alliance Boss - the Vault. Within the game, the Vault serves as an interstellar repository for the incredibly wealthy, guarded by advanced weaponry and notoriously challenging to breach. Successfully raiding the Vault presents an exciting new challenge for players, offering rewarding treasures as a result. Learn more about the Vault fight here.

While celebrating the success of this significant update, the dedicated team at Solid Clouds remains committed to ongoing game improvements and the development of new features. Stay tuned for more exciting updates to come!