AGM 2024

Solid Clouds‘s next Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Tuesday 30 April 2024 at 16:00 local time, at Solid Clouds headquarters, Eiðistorgi 17, 170 Seltjarnarnesi.

The meeting will be conducted in Icelandic. On the day of the announcement of the AGM there are 331.799.571 outstanding shares in the Company with voting rights.

Electronic participation in the meeting will not be offered, but shareholders will have the opportunity to have an agent attend the shareholders' meeting on their behalf.

Important dates

15 April: Convening notice for the AGM

26 April: Proposals from shareholders to place items on the agenda of the AGM

26 April: Nomination for Board of Directors elections

28 April: Publishing of the nominated board members for election

30 April: Solid Clouds AGM

30 April: Decisions of Solid Clouds‘s AGM 2024 published

Shareholders can pre-register for the meeting until 14:00 by sending an e-mail to

The company‘s AGM begins at 16:00 but registration for the meeting is open from 15:30.

Documents relating to Solid Clouds‘s AGM 30 April


Starfskjara stefna Solid Clouds hf.


Framboðs form til stjórnar Solid Clouds hf.


Umboðsform aðalfundar Solid Clouds hf.


Aðalfundarboð Solid Clouds hf.

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